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ICTS is one of the largest employers of X-Ray screeners in the world. Our X-Ray training modules leverage on our unparalleled industry expertise and over 40 years of hands-on operational experience across international airports. All our courses consist of multimedia rich interactive eLearning sessions, combining images, animations, voice over and videos.


X-Ray Screening for Cabin luggage, Hold Baggage, and Cargo

The Cabin and Hold Baggage module covers the theoretical knowledge required for X-Ray screeners in cabin and hold baggage security operations, as well as in cargo and mail. It is based on EU regulation has been certified by various regulators in Europe and worldwide.  The course consists of multimedia-rich interactive e-Learning sessions, combining images, animations, voice over and videos.

The Air Cargo and Mail Security module covers the theoretical knowledge of air-cargo and mail security screening, based on EU regulation. It includes chapter on the air-cargo regime, the notions of regulated agents, known and unknown consigners, airway bills, and methods of making cargo known. The module complies with EU Regulation No 2015/1998 and Commission Decision 8005/2015.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve updated versions of our X-Ray training courses for cabin luggage, hold baggage, and cargo and mail. Linking to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)’s and the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s requirements, they allow you to demonstrate adherence to international regulations and industry standards.

With images annually updated to reflect the changing nature of threats, and evolving airport security regulations, the courses help you maintain the highest level of screener competence – at the point of initial training, and as part of ongoing performance management.  Structure of the courses comprises three sections:

  • Recognition of threat/prohibited items

  • Recognition of everyday items

  • Knowledge-based assessment


  • Available for cabin baggage screening, hold baggage screening, and cargo screening

  • Not manufacturer-specific, so can be used for a wide range of X-Ray screening equipment

  • Available as either a stand-alone tool, or as part of an integrated package

  • Option to translate into local languages

X-Ray Training Simulator

The simulator holds more than 30,000 genuine X-Ray images of everyday and threat items inside luggage and cargo consignments, out of which 6,400 are cargo/mail images. All images were captured on real X-Ray machines by ICTS experts. The simulator covers all leading X-Ray machine makes. It is suitable for basic training, recurrent training, and certification, offering:

  • Single and dual view images

  • Prohibited as per EU regulation, including flammables, explosives and IEDs, firearms and firearm parts, ammunitions, sharp objects, dangerous goods, non-lethal weapons such as taser guns and pepper spray, blunt instruments, workmen tools, L&Gs, large electrical items, concealed and improvised weapons

  • Image libraries for cabin baggage / hold baggage / cargo and mail / airport supplies

  • Simulation of leading X-Ray machine brands, including Smiths, Rapiscan, L3 and Astrophysics

  • Dozens of threat angles

  • Yearly update of image library

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