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A trusted and proven track record in canine search and detection of illegal narcotics and explosives across three continents.



Typical working scenarios for our Detection Dogs include:

  • Transportation hubs

  • Border Crossing

  • Fulfilment Centres

  • Cargo warehouses

  • Events

  • Business premises

  • Schools and universities

  • Law enforcement


The quality that is most associated with dogs is their extraordinary sense of smell, proving increasingly useful to the security industry. Our range of Detection Dog services includes:

Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD)

Dogs trained to detect explosives are now the largest group of working scent-detection dogs in the world and are used routinely to screen the millions of people, goods and cargo crossing international borders through airports, seaports, and other transport hubs.

Our Explosives Detection Dog (EDD) teams provide a versatile, mobile, and real-time detection capabilities that offer significant benefits to many operations. Our explosives detection dog teams are highly experienced, most of them with a military or police background. With four international training centres across Europe, our canine explosives detection teams undergo rigorous training of both dogs and handlers to ensures the delivery of highest security standards.

Narcotics Detection Dogs (NDDs)

There are many benefits to using Narcotics Detection Dogs (NDDs); not only can they detect the slightest trace of an illegal substance, but they can also discern individual scents even when they are masked by other odours, tightly sealed, or deeply hidden.

Our Narcotics Detection Dogs are impeccably trained to meet and exceed the highest standards of drug detection. They are trained to identify illegal odours including cocaine HCL, crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis/marijuana, Ecstasy, methamphetamines, amphetamines, ketamine, MDMA and other commonly abused drugs.

The deployment of NDD, both proactive (for use in buildings, areas & vehicles) and passive (for screening of people), offers our clients a high-profile solution to drug misuse. 

Patrol Dogs

A dog-handler and their canine companion are an ideal solution for large, sparse sites which require frequent perimeter patrols, those in higher risk locations or potentially more hostile situations.

When on patrol, our dogs, under the control of their handler at all times, are invaluable in searching and securing large areas. They are trained to detect the presence of individuals by sight, scent or sound and will alert their handler to any intruders.

Our Patrol Dogs are equally effective in providing a visual deterrent and are ideal for access management, crowd control and stewarding.

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