Golden Prize for ICTS Hellas in the Greek HR Excellence Awards 2016

29 March 2016

ICTS Hellas, Greek subsidiary of ICTS Europe Group, has been awarded the Golden Prize in the Greek HR Excellence Awards 2016, organized by the Greek Management Association and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises. The company has been honored for its participation in the category “Technology in HR” of the unit “HR Development Systems & Practices”, contesting among 35 businesses.

The evaluating committee – consisted of CEOs and top executives from a range of organizations – has honored with the highest distinction the installation and integration of IT systems for the recruitment, selection, development, compensation and briefing of ICTS Hellas’ employees. Through its supporting material, the company efficiently demonstrated a strongly developed business case accompanied by tangible evidence of the project’s impact on all aspects of HR management.

The award was received by ICTS Hellas’ Finance & Administration Manager Mr Christos Maniatopoulos in the awards ceremony that took place on Wednesday 23th March, at the Grand Bretagne Hotel in Athens.

The Greek HR Excellence Awards, most sought after and highly regarded in the industry, were supported by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and Entrepreneurship Club. This year’s award winners included major and fast developing enterprises as Media Saturn, Philip Morris Hellas, Powerhealth Hellas, Wind Hellas Telecommunications, Printec Group and Celestyal Cruises.

«I would like to thank all our people who, with passion and professionalism, handle the security of thousands of travelers every day. It is them that have embraced our initiative and encouraged us to continue. Our thanks go also to ICTS Hellas’ management, which supported the project from the very beginning. This prize is dedicated to ICTS Belgium and especially to our 6 colleagues who were injured after the terrorist attack at Brussels, Zaventem Airport», said Mr Christos Maniatopoulos, Finance & Administration Manager, ICTS Hellas.